Saturday, July 31, 2010

Nocturnal Musings

Some of my recent poems, all written at night.

Don't Say the L-Word

Be careful what you wish for,
It might come true,
I might come true.

No longer a figment of your imagination,
Or a whimsical wish,
Fantasy and reality-
Don't you know how quickly
They make the switch?

Be careful what you wish for,
It might come true,
Watch what you speak,
For I might believe you.
             -( June 24th ,2010)
           (Not the kind of poetry i usually write, but then hardly took 5 minutes to write)

My Life in Eighty-One Words

A stash of strangled
"I wills"
"I wish"
"I could haves"
all the punctuations in the right places
exclamation,exclamation exclamation!
sweet,maddening regrets

never take commas for granted-
they will ruin you
pause you      break you      interrupt you
make "  " in the air
to show
you didn't say anything stupid
missed out the apostrophe;
don't anticipate-
nothing more to come,
nothing short of a grammatical catastrophe,
capital letters only for proper nouns
and god,

and Now
Full Stop.

             -(June 24th, 2010 )
                 ( Notice something?I am violating most of the Rules of Punctuation here.)

(Dedicated to Sylvia Plath)

the jarring music
is only your harmony
is of your own making
it's not here
it's in you

your bell jar
has finally descended
on you
you can only breathe
for three..two minutes now
after this
you are toast.

insanity of the world
has pushed you over the edge
it's not your own
madness we all have
you just feel it more

it breaks my heart
to watch you break like this..
                                                 -(June 28th,2010)

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